This photo blog is written by Trond. I am a photo enthusiast from Norway.
I’m not a professional photographer. But I did work for some years on the picture desk of a large newspaper in Norway, so I have some professional expertise in photo processing.

Working in a newspaper also means I’ve had the opportunity to make some of my photos available for editorial use, and I’ve had hundreds of photos published, both in my own newspaper and in other newspapers and magazines, even a couple abroad. Some of my photos have also been licensed for commercial use.

After the newspaper’s picture desk was closed down a couple of years ago, I decided to downscale my photo equipment from full-frame sensor Canon gear to the lighter, but very capable Fujifilm X series of cameras. I have not looked back.

I guess most of the photos published here will be taken with Fuji-X cameras. But archive material taken with the Canons could appear as well. There currently is no big masterplan for this blog.

I hope you will enjoy it! Feedback and comments are welcome, and do link to your own photo blog if you think it could be of interest to me.

All photos by: Trond J. Strøm.
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