Maraton at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, 20180518

Band Maraton Live at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, 2018-05-18

(Click on an image to enter gallery mode.) Keyboardist Magnus asked me if I could take photos of emerging Norwegian prog band Maraton, playing support for the more established Norwegian prog act Circus Maximus at Rockefeller Music Hall, one of the main live stages in Oslo. Of course I would, it’s just a pleasure! Here’s some glimpses from 30 min + with free access to the stage area. More about the band: Maraton web page | Maraton Facebook page Some footnotes on shooting a live show with two slightly ageing Fuji-X-series mirrorless cameras after the photos.

Concert photography with Fuji-X Cameras

(This section is solely for photo nerds. Enter at your own peril.) Most of the photos here were taken with a four year old Fujifilm X-E2 mirrorless system camera. One (Fredrik in the pit) with a five year old Fujifilm X100S compact camera. I ended up using the very capable wideangle Fujinon XF 14mm f2.8 lens for most shots used here, with the normal view Fujinon XF 35mm f1.4 lens for the closeup of drummer Frank and the short tele lens Fujinon XF 56mm 1.2 on the photo of Fredrik singing with eyes closed. The black and white processing was agreed to with the band – I could easily have edited great colour photos of these files as well. These cameras are ageing a bit now, but they’re still very capable. The newer generations of Fuji-X cameras have improved autofocus, which is the main challenge in a setting like this. I’ve photographed concerts when the chance has arisen for ten years now, first with Canon full frame cameras, and after I switched to the lighter Fuji-X series five years ago with these cameras. Using the fixed lens X100S in small clubs with almost no light, I have used manual focus to good effect. As I hadn’t photographed a concert for almost a year, I didn’t want to experiment now, so I stuck to autofocus. I missed focus on some shots due to this, but all in all I’m happy with the performance of the cameras. The Fujinon lenses of course are great, and even these second generation of Fuji-X sensors deliver great files that are good to work with. I actively try to make the stage lighting a part of the composition when photographing concerts, and think I managed to catch some good examples here. Being allowed by the band to not just stick to the photo pit, but to enter the stage (without making myself an annoyance to the audience, preferably) was great fun, and ensured the end results were far better than what the standard concert photo setup allows for. Take notice, bands.
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