A nearly 10 kilometer long harbour promenade was opened in Oslo this spring. From Kongshavn in the Eastern end to Frognerkilen in the opposite end, the promenade is a wonderful stroll, especially on a nice, sunny day, like last Saturday.

Join my stroll in this photo gallery.

We start at the magnificent Oslo Opera House. Since the opening in 2008, the building has been a favourite both among locals and visitors, walking on the white(ish) marble surface, or perhaps enjoying a glass at the outdoor restaurant facing the seaside on a day like this. It’s always a fascinating place to go as a photographer. Lines, angles, light, shadow, and heaps of people if the weather is nice.

Moving eastward, we pass a longish limousine hired by newlyweds – and I think we see the bride in conversation with the driver. Then we pass through Sukkerbiten – an artificial island outside the opera, now home for a restaurant, an icecream store where you can have flavours lake “Mango with Mango”, and the odd music festival.

Walking over a floating bridge – which might be temporary – we see the striking architecture of the Barcode buildings in the background.

Then we are on Sørengautstikkeren. Five years ago, this was a container harbour, where some cruise ships had to lay when there were too many ships in Oslo’s harbour. Now there’s hundreds of apartments in a brand new neighborhood, part of what is called “Fjordbyen” – the Fjord City.  Here we see sunbathers next to the restaurants, the newly opened Sørenga sjøbad (sea bath) at the southern end of the pier, and architectural patterns.

There’s another good look at the Barcode buildings, taken from the floating bridge, as well as a black cormorant taking to wings from the mouth of Akerselva, Oslo’s main river.

A few more pix from and of the Opera House – and one of an Ipadographer taking a photo of the Opera House – I love the Ipadographers! More of that later – before we pass some of the many fishers posted by the Akershus Fortress.

The last two photos are from Rådhusplassen – the City Hall plaza – one facing the harbour and boats, one facing Aker Brygge, a commercial centre on a site where the shipyard Akers mekaniske verksted once lay.

Photographic Notes

All photos taken with a Fujifilm X100S compact camera.

All photos are JPGs straight from the camera. Some have been slightly cropped to level the horizon.

Film simulation settings for other Fuji-X geeks:

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